About Cyanapse

Cyanapse is an AI and data tech company specialised in building software tools to augment the perception of images and data. Cyanapse was setup in 2016 by two computational neuroscientists who are passionate about the mechanisms of perception in the brain, and how these mechanisms can be applied to enhance images and data and improve user experience.

Combining cutting-edge knowledge from leading research in neuroscience and artificial intelligence (machine learning, deep learning, computer vision, natural language processing), and full stack engineering expertise, Cyanapse develops products and offers a range of services that leverage the power of AI and cloud computing for image and data processing.

Cyanapse's AI solutions are tailored to their clients’ needs, enabling their clients to focus their time and efforts where they need it the most. The Cyanapse team have been working with a variety of clients worldwide, providing them with substantial and diverse experience.

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